The Golden Retriever Club Inc.
New Zealand

There are several ways of purchasing a Golden Retriever

As a Club, we would like to assist you in finding the serious Breeder who regards Breeding as more than just a hobby and can provide you with a lifetime companion.

Breeders can fall into several categories

§       One who is actively involved in a recreation with their dogs, i.e. Showing, Obedience, Trialling, Agility etc? Breeds mainly to improve the quality of their stock, which allows them to continue this activity. These breeders are usually careful in the placement of their puppies as the breeder who competes has a reputation to uphold.

§      The pet owner/breeder who although not participating in any sport or activity with their dog, owns a sound pedigreed bitch and has usually consulted with the breeder of the bitch in selecting a suitable mate.

§      The pet owner who either owns a single bitch and is having a “one off litter” or has two or more bitches and breeds regularly.

Even though you do not want a competition animal, you deserve a pet that was the end result of a carefully planned litter.

The Golden Retriever Club allows any breeder to list their litter of puppies with the club. These breeders must comply with the criteria rules set by the club.

§           Has been a financial member of the club for at least the immediate past twelve months.

§           Litter Sire and Dam must have clear eye certificates from an approved source (sighted)

§           Litter Sire and Dam must have Hip and Elbow score certificates from an approved source (sighted)

The Golden Retriever Club cannot direct any inquiry to a particular breeder; the onus is on the purchaser to ask. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS, and if the answers do NOT meet your criteria, score them off your list. You will own your puppy for possibly the next 15years, it is worth taking a few minutes to check everything out.


The Breeder Should

§       Be as careful and honest in selling you your pet puppy as in selling show stock

§       Be able to show you a clean healthy environment, with well-socialised puppies, and a dam with good temperament.

§       Do not be put off if the breeder does not allow you to handle very young puppies, as the possibility of transmitting fatal infections is high.

§      Be able to have available written instructions on feeding, training and care, type and dates of due vaccinations, details of worming procedure’s

§      If the puppies are registered with the NZKC the breeder should be able to show/provide you with a registration certificate, together with a 5-generation pedigree.

§      The sire and dam must have had their hips, elbows and eyes checked ask to see a copy of these certificates. The reason for this is Goldens are prone to hereditary problems in these areas and to ensure that breeders are doing the best for the breed, it is essential that these be checked.

§      The Golden Retriever Club does not stipulate any specific hip score as being acceptable. Our comment always is-the lower the score the better. You can seek further information on this should you be concerned

§      If your dog is registered with the NZKC the breeder is responsible for registration and change of ownership within 14 days.

A serious breeder will not let one of their puppies go to just anyone. You should be asked such questions as:

Have you had a large dog before?

What area do you live in?

Do you have a large property?

Do you work full time?

Where will the dog be housed?

By asking these questions the breeder is protecting the breed.

No one wants to own a Golden that barks all day and night because it is tied to the clothesline all the time, or wanders into the street chasing cars, children etc., because it is not fenced in.  A Breeder may be a bit hesitant to sell you a puppy until they know more about you, what you are looking for in a dog and what life-style you have in mind for it.

If your breeder meets all those requirements then you are in good hands.  If you get a negative response to any of these requirements, think twice and discuss the situation with someone else.  Do not be impulsive and DO ask questions.

Most experienced breeders will answer all the questions you want answered about the puppies.  No one will ever breed the perfect dog but meeting these requirements shows you that the breederis dong everything in their power to eradicate problems. It is not possible to guarantee perfection because their can always be the unfortunate throwback which is not the fault of the breeder but a fact of nature.

Remember:  A responsible breeder is there for you even after you take the puppy home, they will take your calls and assist you if you have any questions



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