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Advice To Puppy Buyers

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One of the first things to remember is, although you will probably fall in love with the first puppy you see, this does not necessarily mean that it is the right one for you.  Remember all puppies are beautiful, and that the dog you choose will be your companion for the next ten to fifteen years. 

That is a very long time, especially if you have chosen unwisely in the beginning.

§           Do you know how big a golden Retriever grows to?

§           Do you know how much food it eats?

§           Have you decided whether you want a dog or a bitch? 

§           If a bitch, do you know how often she will come in season and for how long? 

§           Are you prepared to exercise a big dog, not just for a while, but for the length of its lifetime?

§           Health costs for a large dog can mount up, be prepared for this or take out pet insurance   

These are just some of the questions that you will need to ask yourself, and here are some of the answers. 

§      A Golden Retriever dog size is 22” to 24”(56cm to 61cm) tall and a bitch 20” to 22”.(51cm to 56cm) and weigh around 35 kilos for dogs and 32 kilos for bitches

§      A puppy will need to be fed by you 3 to 4 times a day for the first few months, gradually decreasing to twice a day and then one a day at 12 months.  The food required by a full grown Golden Retriever is about 450-550 grams a day, but this does vary from dog to dog.  Commercially prepared dog foods available at pet shops are recommended as the basic diet for your dog. The breeder should supply a diet sheet when you buy the puppy and advise what food the puppy has been raised on…. If planned to use another food, please only introduce a little at a time as this can upset their sensitive stomachs.

§      A bitch will come in season generally twice a year for 3 weeks each time and while in season must be kept confined in a safe place when not being exercised by you in suitable surroundings. 

§      Exercise - a fully-grown Golden Retriever should have at least 30 minutes exercise per day and some of this running loose in a suitable place away from traffic.   

If you are still keen to get a Golden Retriever and give it the proper care it deserves, here is some advice we hope will be helpful.

§      Contact a breeder, either directly or through our liaison officer  and make a time with him or her to see the puppies, ideally at feed time as if you come after they have eaten they will probably be fast asleep

§      The puppy should have been wormed at least 3 times when you receive it and will require being wormed by you regularly until an adult.

§      Vaccinations are essential, as is early socialisation with other dogs and puppies of good temperament. Until your puppy is fully vaccinated ensure that it only comes into contact with other dogs or puppies that you know, and that are healthy and have been vaccinated. DO keep your puppy away from areas where unknown dogs may have visited such as dog exercise areas or public places.

§    This Club recommends enrolling yourself and your puppy in puppy pre-school as well as taking your dog with you to visit friends and relatives where possible. Early socialisation is one of the most important things you can do for your puppy. Your vet can give you advice and suggestions on this as well as providing details of training classes available in your area and when it is safe to take your puppy to public areas

§     You will require a fenced property or area for your dog.  The Golden Retriever Club supports responsible dog ownership, which means not letting your dog roam to annoy and worry other people.  Not letting it loose on public beaches or crowded places, and if your dog should foul the beach, bury the fouling or remove it.

§     As a club, we do not recommend any specific or particular puppy, litter, or breeder, but have a listing of puppies and older dogs available at that time from breeders who have listed with the club. 

§     The club can also provide general breed information, which can also be seen on our website.

§     It is then up to you as the puppy buyer to make a valued and informed decision on any Golden Retriever puppy that you may purchase.

Let your dog be a happy and acceptable member of our society.  Golden Retrievers are not only lovely to look at, but they have one of, if not the best temperament of any breed of dog and are a loving and gentle companion for all ages as long as they are treated in a kind way.  May you and the dog you choose have a happy and rewarding future.





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