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DogObedience is an event that is open to all breeds including crossbreeds with the goal being an Obedience Champion and ultimately an Obedience Grand Champion.  To obtain the title Obedience Champion, one must receive three challenges under three different judges with at least one challenge being a winning challenge.  Challenges are given out for both first and second places in Test C providing the total points awarded for the place is not less then 290 out of 300. Dogs and bitches do compete in the same class.

To obtain the title Obedience Grand Champion, the dog or bitch must obtain a minimum of 20 challenges.  Ten of these must be for first place, and five of these challenges must be obtained with points of 295 or higher.

While the most popular dog for obedience in New Zealand is the Border Collie or a border collie/sheepdog cross, Goldies do put in a creditable performance and in many cases win over the more popular breeds.  Statistically, Goldies have a higher than average place-getting record and when trained correctly are more stylish in their mode of work.   The newer methods of training based on positive reinforcement and in particular heaps of play, which most handlers in New Zealand now use, work extremely well with Goldies and are producing some very happy and stylish workers.

Most experienced handlers will commence training new puppies as young as 8 weeks.  Using food and play, and only for short bursts of time, and luring the puppy into positions using the food, the very early building blocks can be laid.  However, any aged dog can learn the exercises and start competing.  Classes are held weekly at obedience and training clubs throughout the country and there are also private instructors for additional or specialist help.  Click here for list of Training Clubs.

Ribbon Trials, Open, and Championship Tests are held through out the year and the obedience clubs as well as the NZKC host these.  The tests held are Special Beginners, Novice, Test A, Test B and Test C.  Full details on what is included in these tests are available under the NZKC Dog Training Regulations.   Click here for Obedience Rules.


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