The Golden Retriever Club Inc.
New Zealand

Members' Code of Ethics

As a member of The Golden Retriever Club of Inc., and dedicated in furthering the objectives of the Club as laid down, I will endeavour to comply with a code of ethics based on minimum guidelines as follows:


1. Members should breed Golden Retrievers that conform to the breed standard and should endeavour always to  produce quality, which denotes good type and temperament in Goldens.

2.  Members should strive to breed dogs that are free from heredity defects such as hip dysplasia, OCD, eye defects, bad temperaments, and structural defects.  Members should not breed from the dogs until such time the dog’s eyes have been tested by a qualified ophthalmologist and both hips and elbows x-rayed as per a recognised scheme.

3.  Members should ensure that at all times all dogs under their control and care are in good health and condition, are properly housed, fed, watered, and exercised.  Members should also ensure that their dogs are regularly checked and inoculated against disease and receive proper veterinary attention, if and when required.  Members should not allow any dogs under their care to roam at large or be a nuisance to neighbours or the community, and when away from home ensure they are fully leashed or under effective control at all times and abide by council requirements

4.  Members should endeavour to place their puppies in good homes and should encourage new owners to take all care of them.  Advice and directions on good maintenance and show training should be readily given as required.  Puppies should not be sold or donated to commercial, retail or wholesale outlets, or donated as raffle prizes or at an auction of any kind.  An information pack, including immunisation card and diet sheet must accompany each puppy when transferring to new owners.  Members should ensure the purchaser has suitable facilities, proper housing, and adequate fencing to meet council requirements.

5.  Members should represent their dogs honestly, and should not use misleading or untruthful statements.

6.  Members should not breed from a bitch unless she is in good health and then only if she is at least 16 months of age and no older than 8 years of age. Bitches must not have a litter within 12 months of a previous litter, provided however, that it be necessary through circumstances to breed from a bitch twice within 12 months, then the bitch should be rested on her third season.  Members should not let a stud dog be used under the age of 12 months and the owner of the stud dog should ensure that all the above criteria be met.

7.   Members and dogs are encouraged to attend puppy classes or some form of dog training and/or socialisation classes.

8.   Members should show good sportsmanship and consideration for others at all times and should uphold the honour of, and further the objectives of the club.


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