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How to enter a show

Once prepared, itís best to enter your dog in a ribbon trial for practice. With all the attributes of a Championship show without the pressure, this is a good place to start. When you and your dog are confident, enter a Champ show. To enter a Championship show you must belong to the New Zealand Kennel Club. GRC Championship shows are listed on this website and as a member of the NZCK each month you will receive a Gazette which contains a listing of all the upcoming shows. Send in your entry before the due date and you are on your way.
  • How to fill in the entry forms - step by step guide
1.   The name of the club holding the show
2.   The date the show is to be held
3.   Either "Group number" or "Name of Group" eg Golden Retriever's are   Gundogs which is Group 3
4.   Name of Breed
5.   Bitch or Dog not Male or Female
6.   This is your dogs's Full pedigree name
7.   This is the NZKC registration number was issued with when the breeder registered your dog
8.   The birth date of your dog
9.   Full pedigree name of the sire of your dog
10. Full pedigree name of the dam of your dog
11. The name or names of the breeder of your dog
12. In the case of joint owners put all names down
13. Owner's full postal address
14. This is the owner's membership number issued to you when you joined the NZ Kennel club. In the case of joint owner's put both membership numbers down
15. All official schedules have breed classes written down. Here is a summary of most classes offered
Note bitch classes are always marked with an A
eg          Dog Class 1
            Bitch Class 1A
Class 1       Baby Puppy Dog
Class 1A     Baby Puppy Bitch
(for dogs between the age of 3-6 months of age on the first day of the show)
Class 3       Puppy Dog
Class 3A     Puppy Bitch
(for dogs 6-12 months of age on the first day of the show)
Class 5       Junior Dog
Class 5A     Junior Bitch
(for dogs 12-24 months on age on the first day of the show)
Class 6       Intermediate Dog
Class 6A     Intermediate Bitch
(for dogs 24-36 months of age on the first day of the show)
Class 8      New Zealand Bred Dog
Class 8A    New Zealand Bred Bitch
Class 11     Open Dog
Class 11A   Open Bitch
(for dogs 36 months of age-but is open for dogs over six months of age if you wish to enter the open class
16. Stakes-If there are stake classes being judged at the show and you wish to enter, they will be listed on the official schedule with the numbers to be used
17. Put amount of entry fee here. If you require a catologue , the official schedule will say whether a catologue is available and how much. The catologue will show the dogs entered in the various classes and their owner's name as well
18. In the case of a jointly owned dog only one signature is required but all NZKC membership numbers must be quoted.
19. If this is given the secretary can contact you if there is a problem. Include area code


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