The Golden Retriever Club Inc.
New Zealand

Books and Videos for hire


The following books and videos are available to financial club members of The Golden Retriever Club Inc for hire (if you would like to join the club, click here).

The books are free to read, but postage both ways will need to be paid and the Videos are $5.00 each to hire plus postage.

Contact Laurel Campbell on Phone number 09 530 8227  if you are interested in borrowing anything from the library.



The Golden Retriever (from Scotland)


The complete Golden Retriever

Gertrude Fisher


All about the Golden Retriever

Lucille Sawtell


Golden Retrievers

Joan Gill


Pet Owners Guide to the Golden Retriever

Bernard Bargh


The Golden Retriever

Joan Tudor


The Ultimate Golden Retriever

Valerie Foss




All about dog breeding for quality and Soundness

Jean Gould


Dog Breeding

E Fitch Dalglish


The Breeding & Rearing of Dogs

R H Smythe




Dogs & Guns

R V Garton


Gundogs – Training and Fieldtrials

P R Moxon


Training Gundogs to Retrieve

John Greenwood


Gundogs for Field or Trial

Roy Burnell


Dog training by Amateurs

R Sharpe


Dog Training my Way

Barbara Woodhouse


Don't Shoot the Dog

Karen Pryor



Australia’s Golden Heritage -Australian Dogs & Pedigrees

Sandra Paterson

English Golden Retriever Club Year Books for each year from 1978 – 2000

Published 1979-2001

The Golden Retriever Club of Wales - Handbook 1968-78

Golden Retriever Club of Scotland - Handbook 1976

Golden Retriever Club of Scotland - Handbook 1982

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland - Handbook 1996



·          Presentation and Showing of the Golden Retriever

·          Grooming your Golden Retriever, Jenny Frankland Burton

·          The Golden Retriever (A guide to uses, Background, Movement & Conformation) , Rachel Page Elliott

·          Golden Retriever Club Champ Show Videos

·          The Golden Retriever (A guide to uses, Background, Movement & Conformation) , Rachel Page Elliott


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