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The Golden Retriever Handbook 

Our club has a 27 page A5 sized booklet available for downloading here for anyone thinking of getting a Golden Retriever. This booklet provides details on how to find a reputable breeder in New Zealand, how to choose a puppy, what age, gender and breed of dog might be best, hereditary defects to be aware of, what to do when your puppy comes home, some essential do’s and don’ts as well as some basic training tip.  

Please contact our Liaison Officer for any further information

Marianne for details phone or email 


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Golden Retriever Club Inc - New Zealand

The Golden Retriever Club Inc (GRC) is a non-profit organisation setup and run by people enthusiastic about the golden retriever. We hope to have something to offer any and every goldie owner, would be owner and the beautiful goldies themselves.

This site contains information about competitions in breed showing, obedience and agility, general care information about how to look after your golden, details of events for you and your goldie – walks, fun-days etc, plus information if you are just starting to think about getting a goldie to be loved by – check out the coming profile pages for goldies that need re-homing, litter advertisements from members and details of what to ask and consider when talking to a breeder. Get the facts and the questions to ask, read our advice page or contact the club.

As a club we can not stress enough the need to make an informed decision before bringing a golden retriever into your home. We hope to give you some guidance of what to look for when purchasing your goldie so that your new family addition has a long, happy and healthy life. A golden will be with you for many years and is a commitment, not just a fleeting indulgence. Fads come and go, but the love of a goldie is with you for eternity and etches a special place in your heart.


Site last updated -   21st January 2023


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